blog7Here are some common terms you’ll come across while investigating heat pumps.

Twin-Rotary compressor with inverter controls

LOW WASTE – HEAT SUPPLY ACCORDING TO NEED.The compressor can run between 30% and 100% capacity supplying low waste heat according to needs. Thanks to inverter controls,the speed varies automatically to meet household energy requirements. It is designed to perform efficiently even at low outside temperatures when home heating needs are greatest.

Compressor control

HIGH EFFICIENCY AT LOW AMBIENT TEMPERATURES. The compressor is operated and controlled in such a way as to be efficient even at low ambient temperatures.

Expansion valve

The expansion valve used in NIBE SPLIT was chosen for the precision it allows. The result is high efficiency and capacity control for both cooling and heating.

Cabinet coating

ATTRACTIVE, DURABLE FINISH The outdoor unit is coated with two layers of epoxy paint to ensure lasting looks and long life.

Finned coil design (evaporator)

HIGH PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY The finned coil absorbs or rejects energy from the ambient air for heating and cooling. A polymer coating gives high durability and the coil’s enhanced surface improves heat transfer from the air.

Low startup current

PREVENTS INTERFERENCE WITH OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES SPLIT has an inverter-driven compressor for low startup current. The slow start-up and gradual move up to required capacity prevents interference with other electronic devices in the building.

Fan (motor and blade)

CONSERVES ENERGY Driven by an energy-saving motor, the fan’s speed varies so only the required amount of air is utilised. The blades are specially designed to move as much air as possible at the lowest noise level.

Control display panel

EASY TO OPERATE This user-friendly interface is designed to manage both the indoor and outdoor unit, allowing everyone to enjoy all the benefits of the SPLIT system. A uniquely efficient installation that adapts to the household’s fluctuating needs.

Circulation water pump

SIMPLE SYSTEM FOR ON-DEMAND HEATING Driven by a low energy DC motor, the pump’s speed varies so only the required amount of water is moved.

Insulation material and thickness

RETAINS HEAT AND PREVENTS DRIPPING Energy losses are limited by an integrated hermetically sealed insulating layer on the components. This also prevents condensation on pipes and dripping in cooling mode. Insulation of the water tank minimises heat loss and saves money.

Integrated heat exchanger

DOMESTIC HOT WATER WHEN YOU NEED IT Domestic hot water is produced within an internal stainless coil. Cold water enters at the bottom and is gradually heated.

Control system

MANAGES ENERGY USE IN YOUR HOME The control system senses the characteristics of the building and accommodates its many variables. It monitors and manages the outdoor unit, its compressor speed, fan speed and defrosting needs. The result is a dynamic, variable supply of heating/cooling and temperature levels.

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